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At EPP we believe in trying to be fair, we have just introduced a rule that should allow our customers to put more confidence in us. You've heard the old saying for computer problems, "switch it off, then switch it on again!". Well occassionally we get jobs at EPP that take only a few minutes to sort out - We dont really believe in charging £25 for that. So, we have decided to officially announce that if a problem takes under 10 minutes to fix, then we will only charge £10, instead of the usual £25 for the first hour.


We believe this will give us more flexibility and hopefully mean that customers can rely on us to get their problems fixed without having to worry too much about cost.

Posted by EPP Computer Services on 12 October 2017 16:46

Up until Christmas All Custom PC builds with a graphics card will receive a Free Gaming Headset or Gaming Mouse to go with it - We decided to offer this as an incentive for builds leading up to the festive period. Now is a popular time for people to buy computers, so we thought a little gift would be appropriate to go with the brand new PC you have just purchased. Please see our facebook page for more details: EPP Computers


Posted by EPP Computer Services on 09 October 2017 17:15

Live Chat now installed for any advice, help or questions you may have.

Posted by EPP Computer Services on 09 June 2017 15:52

Well, the new website is finally here after some hard work. Any feedback is welcome and we will take it on board, Im always open to hearing others opinions on how to shape the business. We are customer focused and pride ourselves with this, moving forward, I have lots of plans but it will be interesting to see hwo it all takes shape. Instead of individual components, the online store will now be a place to buy, just PCs and only certain, selected parts. This move was carefully thought about and decided it was the best way to move forward.


Anyhow, if you've visited this blog I appreciate you taking the time to read it and wish you all the best, please get in touch if we can help out with your Computer needs or even just some frinedly advice!

Posted by Alex F on 08 June 2017 14:37
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