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Computer Services  

(If any service call takes 10 mins or less, we just charge £10 to cover the call out fee)

  • Virus Removal Service  (£25 - £75)
    • We charge £25 per hour up to a maximum of 3 hours as we know you don't want to expect a hurrendous bill just becuase of a virus that wasn't even your fault, so we cap it at a £75 maximum for your peace of mind.
  • Data Retrieval - Starts at £30 for USB / £65 for HDD
    • EPP use many different licensed versions of software to attempt to recover your data, this can be a lengthy process so we charge by the size of drive. USB Thumb drives start at £30 and Hard Drives start at £65, the larger the physcial size of the disk, the more we charge so please contact us for a quote beforehand. If nothing can be recovered, we do not chage and we recommend the next course of action. If the drive is seriosuly or physcially damaged, we recommend taking a specialist who can dismantle the drive in a clean room, but if unsure we can always take a look and guide you in that direction if needs be.
  • Re-format and Re-install (£60)
    • Sometimes you just want a fresh start with your PC. A Reinstall of Windows is effectively starting a fresh. You dont have any of the old junk lurking in the background slowing you down and everything is like new again. We also dust out the inside of the PC (believe me, they need it). Included in the Price is the removal of Bloatware (Manufacturer own Software Bundled with PC that is completely unneccesary, HP, Compaq, Dell to name a few guilty perpetrators) should you wish.
  • Dianostic Issues and Corrupt Problems (£25 ph, then after 3 hours £17.50 ph)
    • Unfortunately there comes a time that you need your system saved and it isn't clear what has caused the problem, windows update can be a common culprit and corrupts files in the background causing various errors such as not booting, Blue Screens and Crashing. In these instances we have to charge the ongoing rate as impossible to predict how much time these problems can take up to.
  • System Cleanup & Refresh (£45)
    • System Tired? Getting sluggish with operations? We clean up your hard drive, defragment, run extensive virus/malware scans and check for any errors or likely problems. We also offer free advice on upgrades and then it is your choice should you wish to take that route.
  •  Virtual Coaching (£17.50 per Hour)
    • Here ar EPP we offer virtual assistance and Coaching at the rate of £17.50 per hour. Not only can we offer your assistance with your PC problems, but we also have skills to offer in Website deisgn, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Website Design, Online Marketing & SEO, Graphic/Leaflet Design and Content Creation. Please Purchase a slot of time in our shop and then get in touch when you'd like to arrange this for. Discounts can be discussed when booking more than 3 Hours at a time.
  • Screen replacement
    • Mobile, Tablet or Laptop Screen Smashed? - Bring it to us and we'll fix it. Ring us for a free quote and a fast turnaround



If the upgrade is purchased through us, then fitting is free of charge! (As long as it fits and requires no case modification!)

  • System Upgrades (£Various)
    • Upgrading a system can be a breath of fresh air for an old Computer. Laptops are less compliant in upgrades as are Mass produced PCs (HP, Compaq, Dell etc) but there are still options. My First recommendations would be to increase RAM and add an SSD to Boot from. This will make a massive difference to what you are used to experiencing. However, sometimes there is a point of no return, if we believe you would be better off putting that money toward a new machine because upgrading would bring little value, we will be honest with you.


Examples of Upgrades and Products that we supply are (non exhaustive);

  • SSD & Addtional Hard Drive installation (including Cloning Windows onto the New Drive)
  • Increased RAM
  • Better Cooling (Air / Water or Custom Water-cooling)
  • Case Modification (Neon Lights, Braided Cables, Specific Case artwork and Modelling)
  • New Power Supply Unit (PSU)
  • More/Better Quality Fans

Please see our Upgrades Page for More information


Website Design

EPP Can even create an awesome website and manage it for you, please contact us for more information


Virtual Assistant/Coaching

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