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Examples of Upgrades and Products that we supply are (non exhaustive);

SSD & Addtional Hard Drive installation (including Cloning Windows onto the New Drive)

Installing a New or additional Hard Drive allows you to store more data onto your PC, with Storage, you have 2 main options and thats Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and Solid State Drives (SSD) - HDD's are more common and have been around longer, therefore making them cheaper. In general, they are reliable but can get tired over time. HDDs are mechanical with a set of disks and a moving actuator arm to read / write data.

SSD drives are typically smaller and much faster to read/write data as they are digital and not mechanical, but this comes at a cost, yes they tend to be much more expensive, however, as they are becoming more popular, prices have dropped drastically from what they were.

A popular option because of this information is to change your Hard Drive for an SSD and use it for booting Windows on. This can reduce Boot times by approximately 40% making it one of the most cost effective upgrades you can do. The only thing to bear in mind is that the SSD Drive you buy will almost certainly be smaller than your hard drive size, so it can be wise to keep the old drive for extra storage space or, if using a laptop, using a disk caddy to use it as an external storage drive.



Increased RAM

RAM means Random Access Memory, which is basically memory the computer will use whilst it is on and operating only, nothing is stored in the RAM when the PC is off. So, more RAM means you can do more operations at the same time (ever had the problem of too many tabs open in your browser slowing your PC down?)

Typical Stick of RAM:RAM


Better Cooling (Air / Water or Custom Water-cooling)

A well established problem within the Computer Community is too much Heat destroying components and one particular component that generates a lot of heat is the CPU (otherwise known as the Processor). 3 Main Options for the CPU, with positives and drawbacks of each;

  • Air Cooling - The chepest, most effective option avaiable. Even the cheaper end of the scale options are good and effective at reducing heat, more so than the original cooler in most instances. Drawback can be the size and weight of these coolers, generally speaking, the better they cool, the heavier and bigger they will be as they use the heatsink to dissipate the heat.


  • A-I-O Water Cooling - All in one water coolers are a cheaper way to get into water cooling and cool much better than the original CPU cooler. These kits are also a much more reliable way to guarantee no water leaks as everything comes sealed from the factory, taking up a lot less room than than an upgraded air cooler. Downsides can be cost, they are more expensive than air coolers, and Air coolers tend to cool a little better


  • Custom Water Cooling - The Ultimate in Cooling a PC that generates too much Heat. Custom Water cooling is the most effective at cooling a PC and looks amazing when executed correctly, however, this all comes at a cost. Tubing, resevoirs, Pumps, Radiators & CPU Blocks it can get to be an expensive method of cooling your PC Down. Not to mention, this method also takes up the most amount of room of any method of cooling.


Case Modification (Neon Lights, Braided Cables, Specific Case artwork and Modelling)

At EPP, we offer a custom modification service to make your PC completely unique. We can add those finishing touches to clean up your PC, if you just want tidy wires or if you want to go all out and modify the size panels, add a window, customisable LED Lighting, braided cabling and much more.

braidcable      LEDPC     pcdesk 

New Power Supply Unit (PSU)

It can be arguably said that the PSU is one of the most important components to get right in a system and not to skimp on cost. Applying to desktop PCs and PSU in a readymade system will be of cheap quality and when it lets you down, it can take your system with it. PSU and Hard Drive Failures are the commonest causes of PC System Failure. Buy Good, buy once, Buy cheap and regret it. With PSU's, there are 3 main types, Fully Modular, Semi Modular& Regular - The beneift of a Fully Modular PSU is that it allows you to connect only the wries you need. A Regualr PSU will come with everything attached whether you need it or not, leading to an untidy PC in general.

Fully Modular: fmodpsu Semi Modular: semodpsu    Regular: regpsu


More/Better Quality Fans

This options is only for dekstop PCs, but quite often, they come with empty fan slots and/or case fans that are easily replaceable. To keep in with the 'Heat is a Killer' theme, you can often replace these fans at a small cost to improve cooling. First and foremost, we advise to keep your PC away from dust (e.g. putting on a desk instead of the floor), but we can normally modify your PC to incorporate filters to keep out a majority of the dust.



Any questions, queries or price enquiries, please email [email protected]

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